Process: I assert the value of intuitive mark-making in my process-based approach that upholds, Agnes Martin's proclamation that “an artist works by an awareness of his own state of mind." My creative process as one that is aimed at sourcing from and producing in the viewer the alchemical magic of self-exploration. My hope for this visual explorations is that, if only for a moment, we can discard the isolated sense of self and deeply feel our undeniable interconnectedness.

Moraga 2017: We have multiple layers of consciousness and process our thoughts, experiences, memories, and emotions at various levels of subtlety. The Moraga series is an homage to that layering. To a certain degree, this work is an externalization of the infinite mirrors and windows within my mind, an attempt to release that which blocks the clarity of my pure awareness. The writing is mostly obscured, much like the stories we tell ourselves are often buried beneath self-protection and selective blindness. Through an intuitive process of texture- and mark-making, I explore the meetings between shadow and bright spaciousness, the suppression of certain elements to emphasize others. This creates a visual depth that I hope is satisfying to the eye, and intriguing enough for some contemplation.  

Imprints 2016: I’ve been chewing on the ideas of how and what imprints on my psyche ever since I first learned about printmaking processes in 2012. I titled my 2013 senior thesis exhibition at Brown Imprint//Reflect for that reason. After a hiatus from making, the Imprints 2016 series was a return to this musing, and a turning of the page in it. In this series, I explore whether I reinforce or can free myself of certain notions by chewing on them. In the experiment, I repeatedly mono-printed “emotionally exhausting to rewrite this.” The phrase came up as I was rewriting passages from old journals, and realized that I didn’t want to be rewriting my painful memories with my gestures or behavioral patterns. Another meaning I enjoy in this particular phrase is that I am exhausting my negative emotions, so that their imprints no longer hold power.